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Enjoy every moment at Caffe Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, with our exciting Menu, Music to feed your Soul and Free Wifi.

We offer a variety of Breakfast Meal, Starters, a very rich menu for your Lunch, Dinners and any desired cocktail and drinks.

* Rainbow Rolls 4 Piece *

* Fashion Sandwiches 4 Piece *

* Maki 6 Piece *

* California Rolls 4 Piece *

* Hand Rolls*

* Sashimi 4 Piece *

* Nigiri 2 Piece * Specials Caffe Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge offers Daily Specials from Breakfasts, Lunch to Cocktails.

Everyday Special Menu Caffe offers everyday Specials on our English Breakfast, Burger or Wrapper for Lunch and on Cocktails at rush Hours..